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Location 8 • 97 Chestnut St.

Sew Much Fabric
Fabric art

Handmade purses, bags, totes

This artisan passionately incorporates colour and fabric in her handmade bags and purses using eye-catching patterns. You will love these items, which are carefully handcrafted from a wide range of new and vintage fabrics. Perfect for anyone who appreciates reuse, upcycled artistry, and new fabric designers.

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Needle-felted and wet-felted wool

WoolWaterNeedle showcases the art and craft of Michael Rouse and Peter van Ryn. They are inspired by nature to create work that is decorative and useful in everyday life. Their pieces in needle-felted and wet-felted wool range from landscapes and still life to three-dimensional decor.

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Blueberry Island Designs

Classic and creative jewelry and designs 

A beautiful blend of classic and creative jewelry and designs balance playful colour and  construction with contemporary style. The perfect addition to any modern jewelry collection.

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