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Location 10 • 75 Locust St.

Ellen Missio
Leather jewelry

Leather accessories and wooden signs

Ellen enjoys creating accessories and seasonal décor with a variety of media. She uses repurposed and vegan leather to create fun and funky earrings. She also has seasonal signs to brighten your décor.

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Liminal Record 

Fine art prints and button jewelry

Liminal Record by Katy Missio brings a combination of fine art training and craftiness together. Pulling inspiration from the bright and textured world around us, this little art department store encompasses traditional printmaking, digital art, and one-of-a-kind jewelry—all working together to make life more fun and colourful!

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Uproot Woodshop

Wooden pens, gifts, jewelry, and decorations

Joe hand-turns pieces made from domestic and exotic woods, including pens, ornaments, and jewelry. The burl, wood grain, shape, and colour make each piece unique, and an excellent choice for a timeless gift.

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