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Saturday Only - Location 13 • 34 Pequegnat Ave.

Jennifer Budd
Fibre art

Woolen landscapes from Ontario and Scotland

Jennifer is an award-winning fibre artist, born in Scotland and living in beautiful Paris, Ontario. She paints with wool and draws with thread, making her woolscapes look like paintings, vibrant and beautifully composed. Jennifer has exhibited in Canada and in Scotland.

Quinn Macpherson
Sewing and printmaking

Hand-printed and sewn bags

Since receiving her grandmother's sewing machine, Quinn has combined her artistic outlets of printmaking and sewing into handmade bags in whimsical colours and casual designs. Her bags are in demand by funky, artsy tree-planters and fellow makers and up-cyclers. Quinn puts the art in fun and vice-versa.

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Andy Macpherson

Black and white social justice illustrations

Andy's recognizable artistic style has been seen in publications of The Working Centre, Interfaith Grand River, Camp Micah, and other local projects. His illustrations will be available with proceeds being donated to local justice initiatives.

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