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Location 2 • 95 Filbert St.

Diane Martin

Fibre artist using a multitude of media

Fibre artist for over 45 years, Diane Martin, a francophone from northern Ontario, uses a multitude of media to create her useful and durable household linens. Using a craft dating back 12 000 years, Diane weaves different materials from 100% cotton materials to repurposed sheets, deconstructed sweaters, repurposed jeans, and recycled plastic tablecloths. Diane creates art that is useful and decreases the carbon footprint that fast fashion creates. A fibre art teacher for over 15 years, Diane enjoys sharing her love of fibre arts with others.

Janelle Martin Edwards

Lover of everything yarn and textiles

Lover of everything yarn, Janelle is a self-taught fibre artist who fell in love with the art of knitting at the age of 12. She is a sought-after knit tester of designers from the UK to the western coast of Canada. Janelle knits for wellness and the love of all that is art and creating. Her interests also include pottery, sewing, and weaving.

Susan Campbell

Quilt, felt, and textile artist

Sue Campbell, the artist behind Quilters and Co, crafts unique pieces that blend artistry and functionality. From cozy throw pillows and vibrant quilts to seasonal wool felt ornaments, her work reflects a passion for textiles and creativity. Whether you’re looking for a cozy addition to your home or a thoughtful gift, Sue offers mindfully made and locally crafted treasures.

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