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Location 6 • 114 Chestnut St.

Danielle Saint-Onge

Abstract floral acrylic painting and collage

Danielle’s paintings explore notions of interconnectedness, flexibility, and change through the use of abstract floral imagery. She works to depict the ebb and flow of relationships, the natural cycles of water, wind, and plants, and the constant change and evolution of these processes. Her work is about connecting to joy; through colour, movement, and texture.

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Eva Booker Arts

Linoleum block prints inspired by nature

Eva creates hand-carved linoleum block prints, which are hand-printed on greeting cards, framed prints, tote bags, and clothing. Eva’s art is inspired by the beauty of nature and the important lessons it can teach us.

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Katha Broschek
Fibre art

Uniquely hand-knitted shawls, scarves, wearables

Knitting is one of Katha’s favourite things to do to wind down after a busy day. From picking the yarn, knitting, and creating unique pieces, she enjoys every step of the process. Her pieces are well loved by friends and family.

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