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Location 3 • 100 Filbert St.

Filbert Studio
Watercolour, candles

Art, illustration, paper goods, and candles

Ruby is a Kitchener-based artist who loves to paint objects that invoke a sense of memory and nostalgia. Ruby believes that art is everywhere, from scent, jewelry (wearable watercolour paintings), or in recreations of something that is meaningful. She has a passion for local history and the vibrant past and present of Waterloo Region, as explored through the variety of homes and landmarks.

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Katie Redekopp

Handcrafted functional ceramic art

Katie developed a passion for making pottery in 2020, and loves to spend time handcrafting functional art in her home studio. She often draws inspiration from nature to guide her creativity.

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Spoil Sport

Illustration, paper goods

Spoilsport Studio is an illustrator and designer, creating artwork inspired by cozy nostalgic fantasy, spooky magic, and the plants and animals that populate her own backyard.

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Gkrizo Designs
Concrete artist 

Concrete home decor

At Gkrizo Designs, we love concrete as it provides a great medium for home decor with clean, minimalist lines and industrial design. Nefeli's concrete decor is handcrafted in her home studio.

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Stephanie Scott
Illustration, painting 

Illustration, painting,
paper goods

Stephanie Scott is an avid collector of ideas and inspiration. She is continuously building her library of references, which she draws upon for her designs. Stephanie’s work incorporates her interests in ephemera, decorative arts, film, fashion, and the natural world. With an education in fine art and graphic design, her work unifies her skills in both traditional and digital media. She approaches each project with a fresh perspective, viewing it as an opportunity to create something special. She works closely with clients to understand their needs, and develop designs that are custom tailored to them.

Hidden Staircase Shop

Polymer clay jewelry

Katie from Hidden Staircase Shop enjoys creating with a variety of different media. Combining her love of fibre arts and polymer clay, Katie’s jewelry is unique and playful, featuring bold colours and cheerful shapes. The best part? They are so lightweight you may even forget you’re wearing them. Each item is handmade in small batches with lots of love and care.

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