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Location 1 • 33 Filbert St.

Wendy Newbery

Felted items to jazz up your space

Wendy felts nature-inspired treasures for your home and your heart. Drop in and find ornaments, felted soap, table runners, wearables, hurricane candles, and other groovy stuff.

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cedar and sun studio
Acrylic paintings, papercraft

Naturescape paintings, watercolour collage cards, botanical jewellery, garden accessories

Clare is a painter and papercraft artist. She works mainly with acrylic paint on birch panels and live-edge wood rounds of all sizes. She has a soft spot for "working small". This year, she is also exploring other vessels for art projects, like metal watering cans and earrings. Her hand-created watercolour cards are simple, colourful, and joyful!

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Lady Edith Glass Arts
Stained glass

Stained glass decor
and jewelry

Lady Edith Glass Arts features locally created stained glass art panels, suncatchers, and glass jewelry. Lady Edith Glass Art is made by Cameron Dearlove in Cambridge, Ontario, with a helping hand from the real Lady Edith.

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Evie Allgeier

Colourful multi media bookmarks

Evie loves reading books and thinks everyone should have at least one fabulous bookmark. She creates beautiful bookmarks with acrylic paint, mat board, ribbon, and beads.

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