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Location 16 •  226 Frederick St. / 3 Clarence Pl.

Paige Madill (PaigeTheArtMage)
Ceramics and illustration

Original art and ceramic sculpture

PaigeTheArtMage is an independent mixed-media artist who specializes in ceramic sculpture and cut paper illustration. Their focus is on bringing affordable, colourful, and introspective Queer art into people’s lives. Unique jewelry, original illustrations & prints, funky fridge magnets, personalized sculpture are some of the many things you can find at their market stall!

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Sundus Salame
(Faerie Meadow Arts)
Pottery, ceramics

Stoneware clay. mugs, pots, and jewelry

Sundus (she/her) is the faerie behind Faerie Meadow Arts. As a queer Lebanese artist and potter living on Turtle Island (so-called Canada), she primarily works with stoneware clay, making everything from mugs and pots to necklaces and earrings. She is inspired by patterns, nature, and the mystical, which are often reflected in her art.

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Kristina Susan

Nature-inspired pottery

Kristina Susan is a ceramics artist based in Kitchener, Ontario. Her art and pottery are inspired by various forms of feminine energy and her pieces are named to reflect that. She is also a mental health therapist who specializes in supporting and empowering all women and femme folks.

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Heidy Keirstead

Complex glaze pottery

Heidy started her pottery journey in her early twenties and she was forever hooked. Adulthood meant family and career responsibilities and little time for pottery. Fast forward 15 years and it took a pandemic to rekindle her love, and give her the time and energy to put towards creating. Heidy enjoys trying out new forms, techniques, glazes, and clay in her work. She is her truest self when working with clay.

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Skylar JICB
Pottery, Illustration

Found objects and pottery & symbolic art

Skylar has been a KW resident since 2020. They are a self-described hobbyist, often (re)making using found and remnant objects such as textiles, wood, rocks, and paint. Although multimedia in practice, their more formal artwork is pottery.

JICB is an Ecuadorian-born artist who immigrated at an early age, residing in Kitchener since his teens. Growing up across places, his work focuses on the self, what it means to be in relation, and the common experience of endings being a fundamental part of living.

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Daniel Blum
Collage illustration

Queer collage and visual poetry

Influenced by idyllic, agrarian aesthetics and an enduring interest in the countercultural, Daniel is fond of mixing together textual fragments with other offbeat materials to create visually dense and alluring displays with symbolic strength and poetic gravity. Daniel creates deeply personal love objects and talismans for you to enjoy.

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Torin Langon
Film and posters

Folk horror sculpture, illustration, films

Torin Langen is an Ontario-based multimedia artist and filmmaker, specializing in fabrication and video production. His previous directorial credits include the horror feature 3 Dead Trick or Treaters, the expressionist short Offerings, and a lengthy list of elaborate music videos. With a background in narrative film, Torin incorporates his love for folk art and sculpture into his moving image work. Carrying out most aspects of production independently, including costuming, set design, cinematography and editing, he emphasizes organic texture, tactility, and intricate design. His work has been exhibited internationally at film festivals, underground music venues and galleries, and released on DVD and Blu-Ray in North America and Europe. Torin is currently a full-time creative, producing video, sculpture, and costuming for a range of projects and collaborators.

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Em Groves (SlugBBMade)
Ceramic artist

Whimsical and punk pottery

Slug BB is the multi-media side quest of a local queer artist, Em Groves Arlein-Roth. What first started as jewelry making and mending in 2016 has blossomed into a ceramic jewelry, pottery, and textiles adventure. Now in 2024, Slug BB has offerings such as handmade pots, tote bags, stickers – as well as running in-person clay workshops for all ages and abilities.

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