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 I'm a returning house.

As a Returning House, we have removed much of the information you would have already read and understood from past participation.

NEW for 2024: FAW Executive will email key takeaways from the Artisan Survey, financial report, and Zoom meeting link, prior to the wrap up meeting. If your house has any questions about that information or comments/questions not included in the artisan survey, please join us at the Zoom wrap-up meeting on October 29, 2024. Your input is needed and important discussions happen during the meeting.


NEW for 2024: no Passport Prizes as of 2024. There will be digital and printed
Attendee surveys.

NEW for 2024: This is important, so we can attach the photos to the correct artist.

Photos MUST be named as: NumberStreet-ArtistFirstNameLastName#.jpg (or .png) where “#” is the photo number from 1 onwards.  Example: the JPEG images for Jane Doe at 32 Krug St. must be named 32Krug-JaneDoe1.jpg,
32Krug-JaneDoe2.jpg, etc. If you register as your business name, use your business name.
Example: 32Krug-ArtByJim1.jpg, 32Krug-ArtByJim2.jpg, etc. 


Using new photos each year helps to keep attendees interested in what you offer. Send us well lit, clear photos so that your work looks great!  

You are still required to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before applying.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Registrar.

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