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Location 21 • 93 Chestnut St.

Wendy Cotter
Fibre art, and encaustic photography

Photography with encaustic finish, fibre arts

Wendy has wanted for years to incorporate her photography into her art.  Inspiration has arrived, and this year you will find her photos mounted on unique substrates, embedded in dreamy encaustic. As usual, her interests are diverse, so you will also find fibre arts, collage and painting also offered by her. 

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Tracy Willard

Needle-felted fine art

I am a landscape artist, and I “paint” with wool. To create these paintings, I work on a felt base and I build up layers of pre-dyed wool rovings that are anchored with a barbed felting needle. The softness and warmth of the wool beautifully captures the stunning local landscapes.  

Janette Bogart
Pottery and painting

Functional and decorative pottery and oil paintings

I create wheel thrown and handbuilt functional work, rich in colours and texture as well as beautiful raku fired pieces for your home.  I also do small oil paintings! My hope is that my pots and art are enjoyed and used as much as I enjoyed making them.

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