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Location 5 •  61 Brubacher St.

Sarah Schott

Acrylic Pour Painting and abstract art

Sarah is a creative artist specializing in whimsical and abstract pour paintings using acrylics and alcohol ink. With a playful and experimental approach, she creates unique colourful compositions that are both joyful and mesmerizing. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, full of unexpected shapes and patterns that invites viewers to lose themselves in the flow of the paint.

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Jennette Reid

Handmade sterling silver, copper, and brass jewelry.

be. do. is a twist on the phrase “Been there, Done that.”, with the aim of inspiring people to “Be here.” and “Do this.” Offering unique and one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry in Copper, Brass, and Silver using recycled, repurposed and found materials, be. do. is sure to have something for everyone.

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Mixed-media embroidery, paintings, illustrations

GLOOMZY is a mixed-media collection of art inspired by the patterns, plants, and creatures found in nature, often with a dark, sparkly, and fantastical twist.  The pieces focus on combinations of embroidery, beadwork, painting, illustration, and papercraft.

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Teresa Malone

Knitted/crocheted whimsical stuffed creatures

Teresa Malone creates fun, unique, knitted and crocheted amigurumi.  She draws inspiration from her children’s artwork and imaginations.

Easy Cadance Creations
Upcycling/Fluid Art 

Bicycle part up-cycled art & fluid painting

Kerry is a local artist who is also a cyclist.  Through cycling, she saw the potential of old parts coming off bikes.  Kerry takes these locally worn-out bicycle parts and turns them into unique works of art and home decor.  She also enhances her pieces and explores her love of movement through original fluid art paintings.

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Pretty Ballsy
Dryer balls

Handmade, hand-dyed
felted-wool dryer balls

Save time, energy, & money with the natural, environmentally-conscious alternative to dryer sheets! Densely felted wool dryer balls aerate clothes in your dryer to reduce static and drying time. Pretty Ballsy dryer balls are handmade from Canadian wool and are available undyed or in a rainbow of colours.

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