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Location 27 • 100 Filbert St.

Filbert Studio
Watercolour painting

Watercolour home and wedding venue portraits

Ruby Eagle of Filbert Studio, is an artist specializing in watercolour architectural paintings. She is fascinated by the past and how it's infused into buildings and architecture. She works closely with clients to ensure their vision for their piece is custom and tailored to their vision. 

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Hidden Staircase Shop
Felted soaps and polymer clay jewellery 

Felted soaps and polymer
clay jewellery 

Katie from Hidden Staircase Shop enjoys creating with a variety of different mediums. Her felted soaps are not only beautiful to look at but practical, exfoliating the skin and helping to extend the life of the soap. Combining her love of fibre and fun earrings Katie’s felted soaps and polymer clay jewellery is unique and playful, featuring bold colours and cheerful shapes. The best part? They are so lightweight you may even forget you’re wearing them. Each item is handmade in small batches with lots of love and care.  

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Stephanie Scott

Screen prints of hand painted mural

Stephanie Scott is an Artist & Designer specializing in murals and environmental branding. With an education in fine art and graphic design, her work unifies her skills in both traditional and digital media. She approaches each project with a fresh perspective, viewing it as an opportunity to learn and create something new. She works closely with people and organizations to create designs that are custom tailored to them, and feel like an extension of their brand.

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Sacha Bell

Travel Photography Prints

Sacha Bell is a Kitchener-based photographer who will be selling prints of various landscapes from her travels. Her photos are both vibrant and moody, ranging from the deserts of Utah, over to the shores of the Pacific, to the flower markets of Copenhagen. Come say hi and check out her work!

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Paper Escape Studio
Paper sculptures

Paper sculptures

Stephanie Eagle of Paper Escape Studio loves to create things out of paper. She creates handmade low poly paper sculptures, including paper animals, decorations, and light-up lanterns. You can see her in person at 100 Filbert Street.

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