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Location 8 • 42 Brubacher St.

Victoria Martin
Paintings and woodwork

Nature themed prints
and woodwork

Victoria Dabbles in various materials such as oil, acrylic and pencil on mixed media such as canvas, paper and wood. Sci-fi art is a recent interest, with useful purposes and rustic appearance. Nature, fantasy and pop culture art are a common theme.

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Katha Broschek

HUGs, SNOODs and shopping bags

Katha Broschek from Knit-a-hug loves to knit and sew.  Her handknitted HUGs and SNOODs are made from beautiful yarn and are so warm and cozy. She also sews shopping bags with a twist in her home in Midtown. Come and get your HUG at 42 Brubacher St.

Calvin Kellendonk
Clay wares

Organic structured wares with decorative stamp finishes

Calvin Kellendonk has been making pottery in the KW region since 2018. He loves to make functional ware like mugs, but also enjoys creating organic structured vases. Most of his ceramics are finished in black and white glaze, or a delightful bright green glaze. He uses his own hand carved stamps to add decorative finishes.

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