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Location 26 • 95 Filbert St.

Matt Miller

Acrylics and watercolour

Matt Miller has been making art since an early age. He presently works mostly into acrylics and watercolour. His imagery is eclectic mirth and sometimes birds. He lives with his wife and his pigeons in Waterloo.

Jane Seifried

Photographs that resemble
a painting

Jane was born and raised in Kitchener. Her full time employment, as a Paramedic, led her to the shores of Lake Huron in Bayfield, ON. It is in Bayfield that she took a keen interest in Photography.  She challenged herself to learn the skills necessary to capture the beautiful sunsets she was witnessing.  She now states, “I see the world in photographs. As I drive along backroads, hike through natural landscapes or witness wildlife, people and pets; my mind tends to naturally frame up images. I am intrigued by the art of photography.  It is a means to take what is right in front of us in this world and create a scene that makes you stop and stare for a moment. I enjoy capturing images that warm the heart and bring a sense of calm and peacefulness.” Jane’s style has been described as photographs that look like a painting.  Photography is a hobby that brings joy and presence to her life.  She is grateful when others find pleasure in her work.

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Janelle Martin Edwards

Knitting, textiles, woven

Janelle Edwards developed a passion for knitting many years ago and has since developed her craft in her town of Kapuskasing. She also honed her skills on the loom and enjoys creating beautiful pieces. Janelle currently lives in Kapuskasing with her husband Kurtis, her two rescued dogs and cats.

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