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Location 11 • 21 Samuel St.

Teressa van Vliet
Fused glass, beach glass, wire + beads

Ornaments + jewellery

Torch + Tonic creates one of a kind fused glass ornaments, wire and bead stars as well as beach glass creations collected from the shores of Lake Huron.

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Jorjah van Vliet
Photography prints and cards


Jorjah has a beautiful eye and captures the finest of details in her photographs. 

Prints can be purchased as well as sets of cards. 

After School Snack
Paintings, hand crafts

Painting, lino, beading

The After School Snack Collective was founded in 2020 by long-time friends Tanner, Ella & Kate. The trio met 10 years ago and quickly became close friends, often catching up after school while sharing an "After School Snack." They founded their collective as a way to stay connected with each other and share their love of art and creation.

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Serena Grant

Handmade crochet items

Serena makes crochet creations as large as blankets and as small as coasters. Her pieces are both fashionable and functional.

Maryanne Paul
Eco-bee wraps and upcycled candles

Housewares and candles 

Maryanne's creations are a blend of ceremony and sass. Vintage bone china, pure soy wax, and moon-infused crystals come together resulting in one-of-a-kind, magical candles. In addition, she's about sustainability and offers eco-friendly beeswax wraps, including some that add a playful twist that are NSFW!

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