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Application Requirements:
To be eligible to apply you must meet the following three criteria:
1. Your house must be within the boundaries of the Central Frederick neighbourhood.

2. All artists must create their own unique, hand-crafted items.

3. You must submit a completed application for your location by midnight, May 31st.  

Participation Requirements:

To be eligible to participate you must agree to the following three duties:

1. Pay the $125 fee.

2. Complete assigned Art Walk job.

3. Attend wrap up meeting.

If you need help with anything, contact the FAW Registrar.

Changes from previous years

In 2021, we made some changes to the Frederick Art Walk because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is still with us, and we’ve decided that some of the changes are going to be permanent:

  • OUTDOORS—we’re moving outside to keep everyone safer, and as a bonus, to make the art walk for accessible for everyone. You can display your art on open porches, lawns, driveways, in open tents, and in open garages!

  • TWO DAYS, OCTOBER 15 & 16—since we’re outside, we are taking advantage of the lovely fall leaf display and also hedging our bets; two days doubles our chances of sunny weather! All houses must be open Saturday, October 15, but you can choose to be closed on Sunday. You can let us know on your application form.

  • ONLINE MARKETING, LESS PAPER—we’re focusing our marketing efforts on social media, websites, traditional media, and lawn signs. We’re still looking into some other advertising channels, but we won’t be doing brochures, and we’re trying to use a lot less paper!

  • PUBLIC HEALTH—We’re not out of the pandemic yet, so we’ll be following any Public Health guidelines that apply to us, and we’ll err on the side of safety for our artists. We don’t know what that means because October is a long way away in pandemic days, but for 2022 we decided that if your house is required to isolate by Public Health at the last minute, you won’t be able to take part in the FAW, and we’ll refund half of your registration fee. Those are the kinds of choices we may have to make, but we’re all crossing our fingers and hoping for a great art walk.

Ready to Apply?

You’ll need an active Google account (like a gmail address) to open the application. If you don’t have one, you can use one of ours to apply. contact the FAW Registrar. to get the email address and instructions on how to use it before you start.

To complete the application, you will need the following information for each artist at your location:

- Each Artists Name and/or Business Name

- Each Artists social media, web and email address

- Three descriptions of their art:

  • a 1-word description, like “woodworking” or “painting”

  • a 6-word short description, like “wood folk art sculptures” or “acrylic and watercolour painting”

  • a 50-word long description that talks a bit about the art and the artist, and what makes it unique.

- Photos of the artists work, preferably high resolution. ​

  • Photos must be named like these examples (so we can match up the pictures to each artist): First photo for artist with initials lc, who will be showing at 111 Chestnut St : 111Chestnut_lc1.jpg. Second photo for artist hs, at 230 Lydia St : 230Lydia_hs2.jpg.

  • If a photo can’t be used, we’ll tell you and ask for another one.


By applying to the Frederick Art Walk you agree to fulfill your location's responsibilities, which are:

  • Paying fees and submitting information and photographs on time

  • Performing a volunteer job

  • Participating in both an online registration process and a wrap-up meeting

  • Proofing your submitted house information on the website

  • Providing a piece of artwork as a passport prize

  • Helping promote the Frederick Art Walk

  • Adhering to the Terms and Conditions of the Frederick Art Walk

Read the Terms and Conditions for participation in the Frederick Art Walk. As part of your application, you need to agree that you’ve read them and you agree to the terms.





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