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Q: 49 Chapel St.

Rachel Tanner

Functional and decorative pottery

Inspired by her love of nature and the outdoors, Rachel enjoys creating functional and decorative pottery pieces that are sure to suit any home. Her one of a kind, hand made, earthenware mugs, bowls, trays and art works are created in a wide range of vibrant colours, and earth tones.  

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This artist available on Saturday only.

Louise Jessup

Local typographic maps 

Louise creates local typographic neighbourhood, county and country maps, guaranteed to add a touch of fun and a sense of community to any space. She adds dozens of new maps each year so be sure to check out what’s new for 2022! She also designs custom birth announcements for the special babies in your life. 

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Evan Lott
Tie dye

Vibrant, one of a kind tie dyed T-shirts

Evan creates colourful clothing and accessories including t-shirts with vibrant colour combinations and designs. He aims to create fun t-shirts for people of every age. Each Splashy Designs T-shirt is unique, one of a kind, hand dyed and sure to brighten your day when wearing it!

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