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History of The Frederick Art Walk

Starting in 1994, Lori Cole hosted an annual pottery sale in the fall at 111 Chestnut St. In 2000, Wendy Newbery, a fellow artist on Filbert St., suggested expanding the event by posting directions to other artists’ homes at Lori’s house so that pottery sale patrons could explore more art in the neighbourhood. People loved the idea, and in 2001, the Frederick Art Walk was born.

The first art walk was called the Central Frederick Artisan’s Craft Tour and Sale. Those first artists came together through word-of-mouth, neighbours talking to neighbours. They created a small brochure and map with descriptions of the homes and artists.
They made lawn signs covered in plastic wrap and delivered the brochure by hand to about 300 houses in the neighbourhood.

The 2001 art walk had 10 artists at 8 houses. In 2021, there were 19 homes and 48 artists on the Frederick Art Walk. Each year is different—we’ve had over 28 houses some years, and more than 70 artists. With a mix of artists, some from that very first art walk, and some who will show for the first time this year, the Frederick Art Walk offers a wide selection of new and classic artists.

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