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D: 75 Locust St.

Ellen Missio
Screen printing and leatherwork

Leather accessories and screen printed banners

Ellen enjoys re-purposing textiles and leather to create fun and funky accessories and seasonal decor. Her screen printed banners will add a pop of colour and a positive message to your space. Her leather earrings give old belts new life with an interesting twist.  

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Joe Missio

Wooden pens, gifts, jewelry, and decorations

Joe hand turns pieces made from domestic and exotic woods, including pens, ornaments, and jewelry. The burl, wood grain, shape, and colour make each piece unique, and an excellent choice for a timeless gift.

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Katy Missio
Art prints

Art prints and jewelry

Liminal Record by Katy Missio is a collection pulled from the artistic explorations of a lifelong creative. Using whatever comes to hand or mind, it’s a body of work that includes traditional printmaking methods such as intaglio and linocut, digital painting, one of a kind jewelry, and sewing. 

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