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C: 46 Filbert St.

This location is available on Saturday only.

Milena Urbanajc
Artisan soap

Handmade artisan soaps

For Milena, soap-making has been an artistic outlet. She makes handmade soap utilizing cold process, hot process, and melt and pour methods, focusing on natural and handmade. She prefers essential oils and natural ingredients, but also offers soap with high quality fragrances to soothe and delight the senses. Her soaps vary in looks from rustic, to unique and artistic, with toys or flowers to make them fun. She also plays around with natural pigmentations. She offers a variety of fragrances to soothe and delight the senses and  soaps tailored to various skin conditions, such as delicate skin, or sensitive skin. The soap is nourishing, using only the highest quality oils which are enriching as well as cleansing for the skin. 

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Samara Navi

Acrylic pouring artist

Samara is an Acrylic Pouring Artist who took up paint pouring in retirement. Having been an artist most of her life, she is excited to find a new medium -- the biggest challenge in her Art Career, and also - by far - the most rewarding.

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